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General Information

General Information

The first thing to mention about the house is that it was constructed in 2005 and is still relatively new. Therefore we ask that you please always remove your shoes when entering the house. The carpeting and hardwood floors have all been treated, but they are still susceptible to marks and damage. We greatly appreciate your cooperation with this.

The hardwood floor is real ¾” oak flooring and the carpets and rugs are all Berber. The furniture is new as well. Please be careful not to spill anything on the furniture, rugs or wood floor, and if you do to please clean it up right away. The appliances in the kitchen are all stainless, but they scratch easily, so please be careful when working near the appliances. 

The home receives its electricity from an underground cable from the electric company that is a cooperative. The power subscribers are also part owners in the coop. We buried the cable from the overhead lines to eliminate the chances of a tree or branch falling and cutting an electric wire. We have been successful up till now, but you never know if there are other problems. Generally, we only lose power during heavy storms.  Should it become necessary to contact the electrical company to report a loss of power, the name of the coop is the Delaware County Electrical Cooperative and its telephone number to report outages is: 607-746-9283. The important phone numbers are listed again at the end of this manual for your convenience. 

The home receives its water from a well near the garage that is approximately 260 feet deep. It is tested regularly and produces exceptionally clean water. The well was created by a process known as “pounding” which fractures the rock as the well digger is pounded down. The alternative is drilling which is not as effective and does not allow as much water to enter the well. The lake is fed by springs and the aquifer that supplies those streams also supplies our water. There is a company that bottles water in our town and supplies it to a national spring water company for distribution.

For hot water, we have an electric water heater. Homes normally have a 40 or 60 gallon water heater, but we opted for a larger 80 gallon water heater to accommodate all of the use the house can have. In addition, it is important to note that each water line has a dedicated hot and a dedicated cold water supply, meaning that there should be no loss of pressure or temperature loss if more than one bathroom is being used at the same time. Someone showering should not notice a loss of pressure or temperature if someone flushes a toilet anywhere else in the house, or in that very same bathroom. The supply lines we used in the basement were made of memory plastic, which does not freeze if the temperature of the house drops below zero. 

There should be no shortage or loss of water pressure or hot water during your stay. If there is a problem, the utility room in the basement contains the electrical panel, pressure tank and hot water heater. First check to make sure the breaker wasn’t tripped or check the wall switch labeled “water well” to make sure it is in the up position.

The home has an engineered septic system to dispose of its wastewater and septic line, which conforms to the high standards of the New York City watershed requirements, even though we are not in the official watershed area. Our lake runoff feeds into the Susquehanna River, which ultimately runs into the great Chesapeake Bay. Nonetheless, we did not want any problems with the septic system and hired an engineer to design one approved for a lake house on a lake that would feed into a public reservoir. 

There is a horn and a red light mounted to the septic system control box in the utility room. If the horn sounds and the light flashes, there is a red button on the control to silence the horn. If this happens, push the red button, but be advised that there is a problem with the septic system pump. Please call us at: 914-772-7132 and I will have someone check it. If the alarm does sound, there is a one-day reserve in the tank before the system overflows, so please try to use water sparingly if this happens.  


The home is equipped with satellite DirectTV and all of the premium movie channels on five televisions throughout the house. This translates to several hundred stations. The network stations begin in the 200’s and we have the east coast and west coast broadcasts of the major networks. If you miss a show wait three hours, and it will be on the west coast channels.

The 52" flatscreen television in the living room and 36" flatscreen in the basement are set up for High Definition DirectTV. The other three televisions in the master bedrooms do not have high definition. Channel 201 or thereabouts is a 24-hour tutorial on how to use DirectTV, so to the extent something is not self-explanatory, try that program. In the event of inclement weather, or a storm anywhere in the path of the satellite dish, service may be interrupted. We have several videotapes and board games if this happens.

Please do not order pay-per-view movies. 

WiFi Internet

The home has WiFi internet with no password protection. This is supplied by Hughes Net and in inclement weather may not work. The speed is comparable to DSL, but there is a daily data quota. Once the quota is reached, the bandwidth is reduced and data flow is much slower. Between 2:00am and 6:00am, there is no quota restriction. 

Kindly supervise minors who are browsing the internet. 


The home telephone number is 607-652-2090, but we will not answer this phone as we do not live at the lakehouse. We have unlimited local calls and you are welcome to give the number out to others to call in. Please do not make long distance calls.

Barbecue Grill

There is a stainless steel propane barbecue grill on the deck for your use with the house. 

When using the grill, please barbecue either on the deck at least 10 feet from the house or off the deck on the ground, at least 10 feet from the deck and house. Please use the round barbecue fireproof mat under the grill whenever you barbecue. Please do not leave the barbecue grill unattended and please do not barbecue when there are heavy winds. The wind can pick up very quickly.

Septic System

As previously mentioned, the home functions on an engineered septic system. It is only designed to accommodate human waste and toilet paper. Nothing else should either be flushed in the toilet or put into any of the drains. Specifically feminine towels and latex products should not be flushed down the toilet. They should be disposed of in the garbage. 


The electricity is generally very reliable. It will, however, go out if there is a major storm or a tree cuts a supply line. The telephone number to report a power loss is included under “Important Telephone Numbers”. In case of power outage, the septic system will allow one day’s reserve. We’ve never lost power for more than one day in the past, and usually it’s only for a few minutes.

Boats and Life vests

The lake is wonderful to enjoy, but anyone in near or around the lake should always wear a life vest. They are located in the basement, and if you can’t locate them, please call Dimitrios immediately at 914-772-7132. Life vests are mandatory for all persons who take out a boat, no matter how good a swimmer the person may be. We are concerned that if a person falls overboard, they may injure their head and black out. Please, always wear a life vest!  

Food and Supplies

The house is stocked with very few condiments, foods and supplies. It has been left for your use by other guests, and we do not guarantee they are always fresh. We do ask that if you use any, to please refill them before you leave. You are welcome to leave any extra unopened food in the cupboards instead of throwing it away.

Outdoor Fire pit and Fireplace

There is an outdoor fire pit by the lake for the burning of wood and brush. Please make sure to only burn wood, and not any other household materials, especially any aerosols or anything under pressure. There is firewood stacked by the garage and brush (used for starting a fire) in the woods around the house. Although we do not have immediate neighbors sound does travel, and so we ask that you not be loud at night if near the fire pit. We also ask that you not leave a fire unattended at any time. 

The fireplace in the living room is a wood-burning fireplace and has a protective metal curtain and glass doors. When using the living room fireplace, please make sure the flue is open by moving the flue stalk that hangs down from the inside top of the fireplace. There should be adequate draft for the fire, and please make sure to close the flue when not using the fireplace. 

Use firestarters to start the fire, and never use an accelerant like gasoline or kerosene. Once the fire is burning, please keep either the metal curtain closed or the glass doors closed, or both to prevent burning embers or burning logs from coming out. Please never leave the fire burning unattended.

Hot Tub

Outside the house, below the deck is our 6-person hot tub. There should never be more than 6 people in the hot tub at any one time, and there should never be as many people as would make the water overflow from the hot tub. If water is about to overflow, there are too many people in the hot tub. 

Please do not enter the hot tub while still wet from the lake, as there are bacteria present in the lake, which will upset the pH level of the hot tub. Always shower before entering the hot tub, especially if you’ve been in the lake water. 

Please do not leave the blowers on for an excessive period of time and please do not leave the temperature above 100 degrees overnight. Please lower the temperature to 95 when finished using the hot tub for the day or night. 

If the power to the hot tub should go out, that means the breaker is tripped. Have everyone step out of the hot tub, open the panel box, and turn the breakers fully off then fully on again. This should remedy the problem. If it does not, then check the breaker inside the house in the utility room. Try turning that breaker off then on again. If you cannot get the power started again in the fall or winter months, please call someone immediately as the water in the hot tub pipes could freeze and crack the mechanism. Please call Helen at 914-772-7132 if any problem results.

Groceries and Local Surroundings

There are many activities for you and your guests to enjoy beyond the house, hot tub and lake.  There are literally miles and miles of scenery for walks, bike rides or drives. People are usually very friendly and will readily give directions. Here are some directions to a few simple local places you may need:

Stamford (Grocery store, small town items) – Make a left out of the driveway and go to the end of Titus Lake Road. Make a right on the County Road and take the first left on MiddleBrook Hill Road. Take that to the end, which is State Highway 23 and make a left on Rt. 23 until it comes into Stamford, about 5 miles. 

Fruit and Vegetable Stands (summer only) – Follow directions above and at Rt. 23 make a right turn (west) toward Oneonta. They will be on the way to Oneonta. There is usually one in Stamford as well.

Oneonta (24 hr. Walmart, restaurants, large town items) – Make a right out of the driveway and go to the end of Titus Lake Road. Make a left on Worcester Hill Road and make the first right onto Teddle Brook Hill Road. Take that to Route 23 and make a right (west) on Rt. 23. That’s the quickest way, about 25 minutes.

Worcester (small town, quaint main street with stores and some restaurants) – Make a right out of the driveway and go to the end of Titus Lake Road. Make a right on Worcester Hill Road. Take that to the end, to a county road. At the stop sign make a quick left and an immediate right and go up the hill. That is the start of Otsego County. Take that road all the way around the mountain, and under Interstate 88, in to Worcester. 

Mountaintop Golf Driving Range (simply that, just driving golf balls, will provide clubs if needed) – Make a right out of the driveway and go to the end of Titus Lake Road. Make a right on Worcester Hill Road and at the next Y-intersection make a left, up the hill, not down the mountain. There are signs on the trees for it. Follow that road around to signs for the parking area. 

Interstate 88 (Major interstate that connects Albany at the east to Binghamton at the west) – Make a right out of the driveway and go to the end of Titus Lake Road. Make a right on Worcester Hill Road. Take that to the end, to a county road. At the stop sign make a quick left and an immediate right and go up the hill. That is the start of Otsego County. Take that road all the way around the mountain, and under Interstate 88, in to Worcester, make a right on Main Street and you will see signs for I-88 on your right just outside town, about 3 miles. Take this west to Cooperstown, then follow signs or east to Howe’s Caverns, then follow those signs.

Cooperstown, New York (Baseball Hall of Fame, Museums, Beautiful Town) – Take I-88 west to signs as marked. It’s about one hour away.

Howe’s Caverns (Natural Cave Formation) – Take I-88 east to signs as marked. It’s about 45 minutes away.


For all emergencies, 9-1-1 will work from any telephone in the house. That should be your primary mode of getting help. For less urgent needs there is a large hospital in Oneonta. It is called: A O Fox Hospital at 1 Norton Ave, Oneonta, NY 13820-2629. The telephone is:  (607) 431-5412. There is a smaller clinic located in Stamford. It is at 32 Main St, Stamford, NY 12167-1145. The telephone is:  (607) 652-2000 

There is a local dentist in Stamford: John Pfail, DDS, 32 Main St, Stamford, NY 12167. The telephone is: (607) 652-7342.

Veterinarian Clinics

Oneonta (30 minutes west) – The Community Veterinary Center in Oneonta is located at: 4109 State Highway 7, Oneonta, NY 13820-3425. They are open Monday through Thursday 8 to 6, Friday 8 to 5, and Saturday 9 to 12. Their number is: (607) 432-0050. They are by appointment only, but will take emergencies. Their number is also a 24-hour number and can refer you for emergencies.

 Oneonta (30 minutes west) – Leahy Animal Hospital PC in Oneonta is located at: 2959 County Highway 8, Oneonta, NY 13820-3310. Their number is: (607) 432-8330.  They are open from 8 to 6 Monday to Friday, and Saturday 8:30 to 1. They do not take walk-ins, but will take emergencies. Their number is also a 24-hour number for emergencies. Their number is: (607) 432-8330. 

Kingston (1 hour south) – The Kingston Animal Hospital, PC is located at: 456 Albany Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401. They are open 9 to 7 Monday through Friday and 9 to 4 Saturdays. Their number is: (845) 331-0240. 


Please take the garbage bins out to the end of the driveway trash box on Monday night. Please bring them back to the garage on Tuesday afternoon. Trash pick-up is Tuesday morning.  Please make sure the lids are securely on the garbage bins, and the trash box is securely closed as animals may try to get inside.

Checking Out

Please remember that check out is at 11:00am on the day you are leaving. Please take your trash and place it in the garbage bins. Please leave the house generally clean, with all dishes washed, counter-tops wiped clean, and floors swept. Please make sure all lawn chairs, life jackets, and paddles are returned to their correct places. Please take the garbage bins to the end of the driveway on Monday night. Please also leave your keys on the kitchen countertop and lock the door behind you. 

If at all possible, please put your towels in the washing machine as you leave and turn the machine on. We would greatly appreciate that. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable!
Important Telephone Numbers

Owner’s 24-hour telephone number 914-772-7132

Electric Company – General information 607-746-2341

Electric Company – Power Outage 607-746-9283

Community Veterinary Center (24-hr. number) 607-432-0050

Leahy Animal Hospital PC (24-hr. number) 607-432-8330

Emergency Telephone Numbers

9-1-1 will work anywhere in New York State from a cell phone and in Delaware County on any land line telephone, including any telephone in the house. Even if the phone is disconnected, 9-1-1 will usually still work.

New York State Police 607-561-7400

Stamford Substation State Police 607-652-3731

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office 607-746-2336

New York State Thruway Weather and Traffic 1-800-847-8929

New York State Thruway Emergencies 518-436-2825

For questions, please call Helen at (914) 772-7132
or email at: hangelis@yahoo.com
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